NX 750 w/ Merc 115 - Laser 26"

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Stacey Craft

Aug 8, 2000
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Anyone have an idea of what kind of speed/rpms I should expect when I finally get my boat?
Stacey I would say Mid fifties That boat is rated for a 150
and you are going to have way too much prop for that 115.

Been there done that on my 700LX with a Merc 115 went to a 22 pitch and what a ride, great hole shot, midrange handleing and good top end.

Stacey, I think the NX750 is rated to a 135hp motor. I looked at the Tracker Marine 2001 site and it showed the boat rated at 135. I may be wrong. On that boat and motor I think the Lazer II 22p prop will work better. Skip
A 24 pitch was too much on my Nitro 180 with a 115. It's the same length as your 750 - 17'6"; but the hull was not as slippery. I'd suggest you get the dealer to start you with a 24" pitch.


P.S. I get the impression that Tracker likes to start out with props just one pitch too high to keep rpm's down a bit with new motors and new boaters. A very good idea!