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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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O.K. enough is enough! We already have about 6-7 feet of snow up here to melt and there is another 20" coming tonight. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! When I finally do get to put my boat in, I'll have to trade it in for an ark. Anyways, you southern folks better be enjoying the early season a little extra for us poor snow bound, deprived northerners. Just venting guys. I ritually put my boat in for the first time each year on Easter Sunday after church. It's become a tradition. Looks like this year I may have to settle for casting from shore. Thanks for listening.
Sorry to hear about that, but the weather here in Chicago isn't much better except we don't have the snow. I just got a new boat and am dying to get it out, but the lakes are still ice except for nuclear cooling lakes.

We are also suppose to get the old wintry mix on Sunday. All we can hope for is a long summer and a warm fall!

Sorry to hear that. I guess you probably wouldn't enjoy hearing about all the bed fish we saw on the Calif. Delta last weekend huh? Or how my son and I will be fishing for some pre spawn fish tomorrow on Lake Oroville? Har Har. Sorry to rub it in, but I'm sure enjoying this weather out here!! Cheer up though, the ice "will" melt eventually and you'll be out ripping lips in no time!!

Tite Lines!!
Todd C.

If you can't beat'em, join'em! I'm sitting in condo on the side of Waterville Valley in NH. It's snowing right now and we are getting 8-15" of fresh powder for tomorrow morning. Since fishing season doesn't seem to coming any time soon, I figured we would try to extend the ski season a little to help pass time.

But I'm with you, enough is enough already.

Rob, I feel your unhappiness, looking out the window seeing nothing but white snow and standing water, then listening to the news, more rain, flooding and even possibly more snow here in Northern MA just thrills me to no end! {said with pure dripping sarcasm}. Every river in my area is in flood stage so I am looking at waiting least 3 more weeks before I can put in. UGG!