News Flash: Gas hits .979 in Missouri!

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Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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At the "Dirt Cheap Gas" station at I-270 and Belfontain Road!

Doug - Get your pontoon cleaned up!

Barb - Alert the Chipendales!

Ladies - I got the chocolate covered strawberries and champaign!


I'd be happy with 1.189, still paying 1.279 here in N.Y...
In Calif. There's still places hovering around $1.60 in the Golden State!!

Todd C.
Todd is correct. The Chevron down the street from me still has regular unleaded at $1.65 a gallon and the Arco across the street is at $1.43

I guess it's the price we pay for not having a real "Winter" that makes us stop using as much fuel.
Wow, never thought I'd see that again. Still $1.30 in upstate NY.

On the way back from the NEW Bass Pro Shops in north Atlanta (sorry Scott had to leave before 4pm when Penny showed up) and gas was 84 CENTS at a Quick Trip and I filled up. Strange thing was the Chevron across the street was chargin 99 cents! Needless to say there were NO cars over there.

Well, Michael...... It's like I told Rich......... I couldn't have stood the rejection when she said "NO!" anyway!

Takin' a walk down memory lane. What a difference a year makes.
Had me going for sure. i was wondering why I was paying $1.49.

Can't spell it. Can say it!

THERE - (uh,) - PEE!
You're a certifiable nut case!

I like people like that!

Let's go fishin'!


They're coming to take me away, ha-ha

They're coming to take me away, ho-ho



To the funny farm!

Where life is beautiful all the time....
MO - darnit you got me again! I know Georgia (at least until our new Rebublican governern (first in over 100 years) raises our gass tax) usualy has the lowest gas in the US. I paid 1.29 yesterday and was WONDERING how it was below $1 elsewhere.

Yes, MO needs a REAL job or needs to go FISHING!!