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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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My boat is still on order (Pro Deep-V 16, my first boat by the way) but I've been reading through all the past posts here on the site and some questions have come up. Other than the standard factory options (i.e., HBird 128 DX, 43lbs MG troll), what other options should I be looking at adding on that would improve my "fish catchin" chances on the water (or just anything else that would come in real handy)?

I've somewhat convinced myself on adding an anchor (still debating between automatic winch type or manual, need advice here too), and a bimini top (sun protection for my little fishing buddies). I'm also hearing about extra electronics up front.

As for cost, I'm aiming at the cheaper the better but without sacrificing quality and the most necessary options (who isn't right).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
Oops, sorry guys. My PC was doing funny things and I didn't realize I posted this one twice.
John, rod holders! Particularly if you have little fishing buddies. IMO, you need about four or five hands when captaining a boat with little people fishing. Rod holders let you keep bait in the water without holding the rod, give you someplace to put one rod down when retying another. They help you keep the deck clear of clutter. Always an important consideration when trying to keep everybody safe.
John - I agree with Rich on the rod holders, I went with the Attwood removable ones and mounted the bases in the back corners of my Crappie Pro and one up front. I also went with the manual winch-type anchor systesm and love it, keeps out of the way on the bow and is easy to lower/raise. If you do a lot of launching by yourself i'd suggest walking ramps for the trailer tongue to keep the tongue from getting scratched and you from slipping off into the water. I also would suggest an up-front fish finder with a trolling motor mounted transducer. I've got the standard Humminbird on the console and added an eagle strata to the bow and love the eagle!

Good luck, let us know when you get the boat and make sure to post some pitctures - TrepMan

Congratulations on the boat. I'm also still waiting for my first boat to arrive (Tournament V-18). My dealer told me that Tracker was offering 1/2 price freight on the Deep-V's until April. I don't know if you got the same deal or not, you should ask about it. It gave me an unsuspected sum of extra money so I put into the galvinized trailer and a cover. Since this is your first boat, don't forget to overlook safety equipment for the little ones.

tight lines,

John - One more thing I - I agree 100% with Marke on the galvinized trailer. I went with the painted because I thought it really looked cool matching the boat. But I know that if I ever want to take the boat in salt water, the trailer is going to be potential problem. If I had to do it over again, i'd definetly spend a few extra dollars on the galvinized trailer.

Much appreciated everyone. I'll look into that galvanized trailer and most definetely the safety equipment also. Thanks again everyone.

Good fishing and God bless.

John K.

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