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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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I just ordered a new Tracker Pro Deep-V 16' with 50 horse Mercury. Can anyone give me info (good and bad) about owning an aluminum boat. This is my first boat so any other info on boat ownership would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hey John-
Never owned fiberglass, so maybe I'm biased...
Love the aluminum...lightweight for towing, can take a beating when those mysterious rocks pop i[ in front of you, and can cut the chop. What more could you need???

Hooked on Aluminum
I have a 2000 ProAngler V16, 40hp Merc. The one big thing I dont like
is the fact the "decals" on the Aluminum Trackers. I like the handleing of
it, wish Id gone with a 60 or 75 hp motor. I do have one knick in the bow
just under the water line but I can grinde that smooth again. Fixing
aluminum is easier I think then fiberglass too.

One thing I hope someday they can make is a transducer to work through
the hull. Well, thats my take on an aluminum!
Owned the 1990 version of the same boat, just sold it though. It was a great boat for my first but I wanted something a little faster and before I knew it, I'm riding around in a 2001 BassCat Sabre (it'll do 60), sorry, on to the subject....
Aluminum has alot of advantages mentioned above and I never waxed my Pro V like I will the Cat. Just wipe her off and put back in the garage for the next trip. (you'll love that) Also, not as much worry putting it on a trailer, aluminum is tough. The deep V keeps you more stable running and fishing although the wind will catch the higher bow/sides and try to turn you more than other designs, I found a little more power at trolling motor helped alot with that issue (Minnkota 40AT). Anyway, hope this helps, and enjoy the boat. that's what it's all about anyhow.
John - Everyone is correct about the toughness (is that a real word??) of aluminium. I had my 2000 Crappie Pro 175 in the Chattahoochie river here in Atlanta this summer and there are no docks by the ramp. So I beached it like I used to my old 14ft John boat. What I didn't realize is the water was a little lower so instead of beaching on sand I ran right up on the rock/concrete edge with a "BANG!". My first thought was my wife was going to kill me for putting a hole in my brand new boat! Took her out and checked her over ( the boat not the wife) and just a small ding in the keel, no holes!

I've run my boat in 3-4 foot chop (RICH - remember that wind on Lanier when Jean caught her first striper) and it's not the V of the deep-v 16 of your boat and except for a little cross wind/spray it was nice and dry (just had to keep the nose up).

Let us know when you get it, get pictures up and remember to really follow the break-in procedures for the outboard.

Welcome aboard - TrepMan
I looked at both aluminum and glass and decided on the aluminum due to the shallow stumpy areas I like to fish. I love my new PT175. So far, if I had the glass boat, it would already be scratched up. With aluminum too, just rinse off when done and put away. Glass tends to require a little more attention to keeping it looking like new. I have never fished out the Pro 16 but the only negative about aluminum I can tell is that in windy conditions you have to constantly be on the trolling motor to hold it in place. My PT175 tends to get pushed around in the wind due to the lighter weight.
Thanks to all for the great info. I am a brand new member to this site and I'm definitely glad I found it. Thanks again and great fishing to all.
John, I am looking to buy the same boat but with a 60hp. I currently have the Pro-Angler and it has been a great boat. I agree with the above posts that aluminum is easier to take care of and will handle the punishment of stumps, beaching, rocks etc. I do happen to wax mine but I am very fussy about my toys. They are usually lighter to tow and require less horsepower to run. I agree with the above post on the decals but I even touch those nicks up with touch up paint. Aluminum may not be as pretty as the glass rigs but it is still a great boat material. Enjoy your new boat and send a picture.

Thanks for the info Mike, most appreciated. I'm sure I'll be back with a ton more questions once my boat gets in. Great fishing and God bless.