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Tom Johnson

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Apr 6, 2001
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Ifound this site some tme ago and have really enjoyed all I have read. Great tips and camaderie among the members. We bought a 2001 Targa 17 Walk-Thru with 125 Mercury just this past December. I've been busy getting it the way we want. Really enjoying every minute we can spend on it. Maybe I can be of some help to anyone setting up a new rig and has problems/questions. If so, don't hesitate to contact. Wish we could join everyone for the Rally this month. If we can sell our old boat and a motor home, maybe we can swing it. LOL and tight lines.
Welcome Tom. The guys here really seem to know their stuff. Good clean board. Enjoy!
Hey congrats on your new rig. I hope everthing goes okay for you and your family so you can makeit to the tourney. Good luck and have a safe seson. Crank-m-in Billy
Welcome to the site you can't find a better and helpful one
Hey Tom,

Welcome to the site. If you need anything broken just ask Scott. I hear he is famous for that. Oops, I mean broken-in!


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