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Eric Stein

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Apr 2, 2001
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Hello all,

I am new to the boat buying scene. I had always used my fathers and now that I am settled in in Cincinnati I need to get a boat of my own.

I want a boat for 2 things. Fishing and recreation. Emphasis on fishing. So far I am looking at the Targa 17 Combo(w/ 125HP favorite so far), Tornament V-18(with 115 or 125)and the 185 either Jet or 90HP outboard.

My question is will I be happy with a compromise boat like the combo or should I just get the boat for the intended purpose and realize I can't have it all? Are there other companies that produce better fish/ski aluminum boats? I really like tracker but the V-17 combo isn't all welded and that sort of scares me.

Next question is, does any one here have the 185 Jet with the 175 Sport Jet? I can't find any information like top speed and the like on it. I actually don't have any idea what I would run in any of these boats. Can anyone help? Thanks and it is great to see so many people helping others!
The top speed for that boat, is 40 - 42 mph. It's on the Tracker Marine site. Bill.
Eric,If you'll go back through some of the old posts, you'll find some similar questions. The biggest consideration is what are you going to use the boat for the majority of the time? The second issue is how large a body of water will you have it on most of the time? Give aus a little direction, and we will either help, or have you so thorouhly confused, you may give up altogether!LOL

Thanks for the help! I will mainly be using the boat on the Ohio River, a smaller "finger type" lake and Lake Cumberland in Kentucky (ONE BIG FRIGGIN LAKE). I don't have plans on using it in the Great lakes either, so is the V bottom perhaps too much for me? Again thanks for you help. I'll search through the forum some more too.
The only reason NOT to have a v-bottom is that you might be running in VERY shollow streams.
Or the cost difference in the V-bottom vs the semi-V. I went with the 175 Crappie Pro instead of the Pro Angler 16 or Targa 17 because I wanted a 17 foot boat, with a fish/ski type layout but did not want to spend the extra couple of $1000. I will admit on our big lakes when there are 2-3 foot waves the guys in the Deep V's get a better ride and a little dryer than I do, but as Scott said I can also troll into really skinny water. Too bad Tracker does not make a true semi-V fish/ski.

Eric, Webought a TV-18 back in August of 2000. After 2 years of looking at boats, I felt like it was the best compromise between a tube/sometimes ski, and the only bass boat I could afford. Marke on the board is waiting on delivery on a new one. See what he thinks. I don't know yet how my new business is going to do, and may HAVE to sell mine (less than 5 hrs total time). I really love the boat, but circumstances may dictate that I regroup and rethink some things. By all means, consider very carefully your primary usage.
Good luck,
Bruce -

As you know, I had to "regroup" just a couple of months ago...... It's tough...... Whatever else you do - don't go hiding away from your friends here on the board! Boat or not, the Bealtes (you ever hear of them Marke?) said it best: "I get by with a little help from my friends!"

Eric -

A word of caution to a new boater..... I've spent a lot of time on the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers. The "pooled" portion of the Mississippi, the stretches above St. Louis that are slowed down considerably by a series of dams, is treacherous; tricky, strong currents and hidden rocks and logs EVERYWHERE.

The Missouri River is very similar to the Ohio; it may not be as wide as the Mississippi - but it's free flowing nature can easily be a death trap to an inexperienced boater. Fast flowing currents can churn in up in more ways than you can imagine - and that doesn't even begin to account for the rocks and logs.

The Corps of Engineers can provide you with a book of maps of the river showing all of their submerged wing dikes at a minimal cost. That's a starter.

Learn small short stretches of the river at a time. Learn them thoroughly and remember that they will probably change every time it rains.

Four last words: 1) Leave the beer in the fridge at home. 2) Always proceed with caution. 3) Always, always always wear a life vest. 4) Have fun, Man! The big rivers hold some equally big fish!

I want to thank you all for your insight.


I have been on the river with others at the helm and did notice that there were some debris that you had to watch out for, quite a bit more than on a typical lake that I've been on. However the wing dikes and the like are all news to me and I'm glad you pointed that out to me.

I am in quite the delimma right now on choosing a boat. I would really like to think about the Targa 17 Combo, but the fact that it isn't welded turns me off. The Fisher 17 Sport Avenger seems to be comparabe (And all welded and made by tracker) but offers less seating capacity.

Should I be worried about the lack of lifetime hull warranty on the Tracker Targa 17C? Are there any other things I should consider about the Tracker versus the Fisher? The same delaer sells and services them both.

Thanks again guys. You've all been a great help already!

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