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Robert Lara

Apr 20, 2001
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Hello everyone,I need some help with my 2001 Bass Tracker Pro Crappie 175. I read a post on here before getting my rig about the seat post being a pain in the rear to take out when you wanted them to come out and so I put just alittle lube on the bottom of the post so they would not stick real bad. Well now the problem I have is they always come out when I don't want them to....Its funny but it happend to me twice and my father and a friend twice also.We would be fishing and all of a sudden the dang seat would come out and you would be laying on the deck of the boat woundering what just took place,LOL. Anyway I took the seats out and wiped down the post and made sure there is no lube anywhere on them but they still do it! Is there anything I can do to make a tighter fit for the post so they dont come out? Please help if you can I would like to fix this before someone gets hurt or falls in the drink(especially the wife)boy would she get hot headed if she fell in.And I like the fact she has taken an interest in the sport so I want to make it as enjoyable as possible for her.

I am not familiar with your boat, but do you have access below the deck? I drilled a hole in the front pole that is below the deck and put in a pin with a retainer. It keeps the pole from coming out at high speeds - on or off the water. I didn't have access below the deck for my rear pole, but that one is threaded only. I check that one once a week to make sure it is tight. Let me know if you need any more info.

Bob G.
No I cant get below the deck.Its one of those stupid quick release plastic tabs that sits inside of the metal base.
Someone has got to know how to help me here?

Trepman I know you have the same seats as me have you ever had this problem?
Thanks for getting back to me Trepman,yea I have tried to bend that little piece out some and that did not help. Its really strange but the seat seems to come out from any direction as long as its wiggled alittle bit and its way to easy to make it pop out. I really have no idea what to do next. I'll try your idea's and hope they work,thanks.
Rob - No problem, sorry could not be more help.

I know your boat is still under warranty, have you talked to the Dealer for ideas?

Wife is getting a cold, might not be able get the boat out till next weekend to give you an update on the Pro seat. It does look really cool though. Spend a few hours at BPS a few months ago where I took a pedestal into a CP175 on the floor and brought every Pro seat (type, style and color) over to the boat and ended up with a burgandy/Red (which match the Red insert on the seats). Only thing i'm afraid of is the HEAT on the Red seat might burn my tush! I could not find a grey color at BPS to match the seat color, we'll see.