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Eric Stein

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Apr 2, 2001
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Okay all,

I'm really hoping for some opinions here. You've all helped a lot so far.

I've narrowed my search to a Targa 17 Combo (125HP) and a Sugar Sand Mirage. I know they are COMPLETE opposites but what I wanted to do was pick the best FISHING/SKI boat and the best SKI/FISHING boat I could find and compare the compromises. I am limited to towing less than 2000 lbs and this really made the SKI/FISH oriented boat search narrow!

I want to know what people think about the riveted nature of the Targa 17 Combo. Am I in for trouble with this setup? I am about 90% certain I will like the T17C better than the Sugar Sand however I am still worried about the fact that it is not all welded. Were it all welded I would probably have posted that I put in an order already! I just need opinions and experiences.

The sugar sand is a smaller boat, has no trolling motor, (not sure if one can be mounted and if not it is out of consideration) and only a little bit faster. You can see a review of it at under the boat test section. I'm sure you're all biased towards the tracker as am I, but the SS looks like a lot of fun. But what are your opinions? I am 24 by the way, and only begining to get back into fishing. College killed that!

Eric -

The loss of fishing due to college was only a temporary setback...... In the future, that degree will afford you the opportunity to do far MORE fishing at better spots..... Congratulations on the Degree!!!

Regarding the riveted hull...... If they weren't sound, Tracker wouldn't be making them. Period. The only time I would hesitate to run a riveted hull is if I had a Jon Boat and were taking it up very shollow streams where the bottom were constantly being scraped and might tear the rivets out.

If you want to fish at all - buy the boat ment primarily for fishing. Period. Anything less will leave you sorrily disappointed.

Let us know!


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