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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey gang,
I have a general question for the board. What is your longest consecutive number of hours on the water?
I've spent as many as 16 hours fishing from my canoe. And that was with lower back pain and my knees locking up on me. Now that I have a really comfortable boat, I may never come I could leave Friday night and come home Sunday and just fish fish fish...

There was one night after work that a buddy and I were doing some carp fishing from the shorline of the Merrimack River starting at 10pm. We fished all night. We went to Dennys around 5am for breakfast and were talking about how we heard there was some big fish being pulled out of the Nashua river just down the street from Dennys. Niether of us had been there before and wanted to check it out. We pulled up to the ramp and it looked awesome. We flew home, grabbed the canoe and fished until 7pm that night. Since 10 pm the night before I have caught every species of fish in Southern NH in one trip. The only reason we stayed so long was because I needed a yellow perch to make it official.

tight lines,

I have fished up to about 14 hours before, but coming soon, I have a Sat, that I will be guiding from about 6am to 5pm, (11 hrs) then I drop off the clients, refuel, change batteries, pick up my partner, and fish a 12 hr overnight tourney. Total fishing=23 hrs. Awake and possbily coherent....30hrs. I'll let you know if I survive it.
Longest day was a couple yrs ago. My neighbor and I launched my old Gregor just before first light, about 5:30. And fished till we couldn't see our baits travelling thru the air. We hauled the boat out in total darkness about 9:30p.m. Dang were my arms and back hurting!!

Todd C.
Dont know if this counts but I did an overnight charter out of Ft. Meyers Fl. a couple of years back. We left the dock @ 4:30 am Saturday and did not return until 7:30 pm Sunday. My tourney buddy and I stayed up all night to watch the sun come up Sunday and kept on catching big grouper all the while. I guess that would be 27 hours straight....You can find that energy when you are from Michigan and you are in Florida in January.....

BTW if you are ever in Ft. Meyers and want a great charter, look up Sean McQuade....gret guy and he knows how to find fish....we boated 185 grouper off one wreck....

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