Maiden Voyage, TV-18

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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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Well, the ice has finally melted...the wind chill wasn't too bad, and I'm sure the windburn will be better by tomorrow!!! hahahaha
I launched the TV-18 for the first time today!!!
Here's the report...
It ran great, once I got it started (I have the 90)...As I initially pumped up the ball, it would not firm up...finally noticed that the dealer had installed it backwards!!! Now, how did they get it to run in their 'tank'like they said they did? hahaha
We had a stiff wind today...whitecaps on the lake...I was very impressed with the performance!!! The V cuts the waves and made for an almost 'flat smooth' ride...Took it easy for 2 hours then had to see what she would do...made a quick sprint to full throttle and topped at 42mph into the wind. Very glad I bought this boat!!! If any of you are on the bubble and can't decide whether you want the TV-18 or not, I'd be happy to give you my perspective...
now if only Bass season would get here!!!
Good for you Andy, I took my boat out last week for my fisrt time, the lake was like glass. I noticed the wind kicking up today in Kalamazoo, It was quite cold most of the day until the early evening, I can imagine you froze your butts off. But I'm sure the cold didn't matter much being in your new boat though. Congrates Rod
Andy, congrats on your boat! We bought the TV-18 last August and LOVE it! The more you take it out, the more yiu will find that it equals the big bass rigs in everything except speed, which isn't important to us anyway. Let us know how you like it after a few times out. The overall ability of this boat to mainly fish, plus the smooth ride and family activities like tubing and cruising, is just amazing. Good luck, and congrats!

That's cool Andy,.....glad to hear you're happy with it!! I really like that boat myself,'s my choice for the perfect mid-level aluminum boat....very nice open fishable layout and the lifetime hull and deck warranty is outstanding. I'd love to ride in one with a 150 on it that would fly! Thanks for the great feedback.

I'm soooo jealous!!! I'm still waiting for my TV-18 and I'm still waiting for the ice to melt. I'm also getting the 90HP on mine. 42MPH huh? That's fast enough for me, I've been paddling a canoe for the last 15 years.

Let us know when you catch your first fish.