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Greg L

Apr 23, 2001
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Well went out yesterday for my second time. Everything was going great. Was moving forward, and caught my buddies line in the trolling motor. I figure no big deal, take off the proep and take off the line. Well I took off the nut, and the prop pin goes, kerplunk in the water. Well I chuckeld a bit, took off the line, and then went to put the prop on, well I dropped the prop nut then. I was then thinking of John K, and do I have enough gas to get back to the dock. Well out of this, I do have a question, where can I get a prop pin and a Prop nut (actually a few) I went to BPS today, and they said they rarely have them, and if the do, the only have 3 in stock. (Should have called first, 45 miles each way) I did a few searches and I am coming up empty handed.

What kind of mount do you have? If it's a "Gator Mount" it should have spares in the front of the mount
I don't think you made the list, you just had slippery fingers because they were covered in fish slime from pullin' in hawgs all

Now driving 90 miles out of you way at about $1.75 a gallon with out making a phone call.... well I think that'll get you on there.

I haven,t looked that hard at my TM yet, but I'd like to think that the pins and nuts are standard sizes that can be found at any hardware store at a cheaper price than BPS or any Marina would sell them. Check your "local" hardware store and get back on the water ASAP.

Tight lines,

Greg, the BPS in Atlanta stocks a bunch of both pins and nuts, MG and MK. I had to do some digging and asked a few folks, but I eventually found them. I bought some extra just for the reason you experienced. Another option (and not such a bad idea) is to buy a spare prop. They all come with their own nut and pin. After I saw my buddy break a trolling motor prop and lose a whole day fishing, I decided to carry a spare.
Well...... It's a long distance call - but still a LOT cheaper than that drive you took......

Tri-State Trolling Motors, St. Louis, MO 314-921-7292.

I'm sure they'd be happy to mail all the pins and nuts you want!


2.09 a gallon for 87 octane and 13 mpg in the Explorer. I was gonna do excatly what you said, a nail will work for the prop pin, and a washer and a wing nut. Bob, I did ask the guy at BPS, he treated me like I was an alien. Where in the gator mount are the extras stored?

$2.09?!! Man, that's gotta hurt. The washer and wing nut sounds like great but I'd be careful using a nail for the pin. Was it a "shear pin" or just a regular cotter pin? Shear pins are designed to break when you his something as a safety device to prevent damage to props and other parts. If you use a nail, it may not break when you hit something and may cause damage to your prop or other more expensive motor components.


I believe it is an aluminium pin. There is a hole in the shaft where the pin goes. The prop the goes over this, the nut tightens up between the prop and the pin. It is a plastic blade, so I am sure the blade will will break before the pin would have to.

Hey Greg,

My brother-in-law has the same T/M on his boat and had a similar problem (pulled the prop off and lost the pin). He said he found a pin that worked just fine at Ace Hardware (or any good hardware store would probably have one).

Judging by how many times I've seen this same thing happen to others, if this did qualify you for the list, you'd be in good company.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

John K.