Made my 700LX fish like its has a FOOT more deck in front of the seat

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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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Ok guys had to share this with ya it turned out so well. after using the bike seat on the boat i just missed the full support of the regular seat but as we know it sits to low and crowds you to the front. SO.....

I took aluminum stock at work and make 5 inch pedestal extentions that solved the height problem. Next i took a piece of 1/4 inch thick plate steel measuring 8" x 12" and used the bracket off the bottom of the seat to lay out 4 clearance holes in it so the bolts cold go back thru it and into the seat then in the front of the plate i drilled and tapped 2 1/4" holes i mounted the seat bracket to these 2 holes and the middle 2 holes in the plate. with this all back together this moves your seat backwards 5 inches that added with the height of the pedestal extention makes the boat really fish like its a foot longer trust me.

If anyone wants to try this but doesn't undertand it just contact me i will try to make it clearer or maybe we can get one of the guys to illistrate it for us.

rips some lips...Ron
Ron -

I have a 29" inseam........ Do you think that could be done in reverse to move me CLOSER to the well for the trolling motor foot control? :^)


I thought that you had to be as tall as the cartoon characters at the amusement parks to fish from the front of the boat!!! In reality, it's the guy or gal that shells out the cash!! Anyway, do you guys get the master catalogs for BPS and Cabelas? They have all sorts of seat poles of various sizes and offsets. Wal-mart also carries some of the different size poles. I am not fortunate enough to live near a BPS or Cabelas. The UPS guy waves when he sees my truck, my wife says "I thought that you had it all" and my kids say "Let's go fishing".

Bob, you missed part of the point a true redneck never spends money buying something he can make thats money he could spend on the next G-Loomis. ;) and I do work for Ford motor so this was made in a machine shop and better than what i can get in a store lol. oops time for work, rip some lips....Ron
Ron - we need PICTURES!!! Sounds great, and since I know (because Beka forgot her wallet on Sunday at BPS) there is a PowerPedestal and Pro Seat waiting (oh and what a loooong 4 weeks it's going to be) till fathers day for me, i'd love to see how yours turned out to see if I want to keep the PowerPedestal or send you a spec on my (sorry Scott i've gained weight and now have a 32 inseam so you've got the smallest waist LOL) and a check for a Ron Chapman Mustang Cobra Pedestal Mount!!!!


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