Launch location for the rally next Saturday?

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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Chris (or anyone), where are we starting on the 14th?

i believe it's going to be Sterret Creek. you'll have to ask chris about the take off time.
The way I understand it, Rich....... We're gonna start AND end the day at the BBQ pit! May never get away! We're fishin' with some mighty BIG boys with some EQUALLY BIG appetites!

How many ribs can I pack into my 5'6", 140# frame? Do they have childrens portions? Would anyone be upset if I brought my own phone book? (The St. Louis directory is MUCH thicker than Warsaw's!)

I've got us registered to stay at the Warsaw Super 8 - same place as John and Chris...... We shouldn't have any trouble finding them!


As far as I know we are launching out of Sterret creek at 6:30. I think....

And Scott, As long as you keep you hands and fingers away from my plate, you shouldn't have any problems...LOL

See you in a few days


John, I'm so excited about this trip I can't begin to tell ya! I am really looking forward to meeting all of you! See ya Friday evening!


P.S. About the 6:30 launch time..... Isn't this supposed ta be FRIENDLY competition?
Hey Scott: I hear that when Penny is in the area, she loves to stay at the Warsaw Super 8. You might keep your eyes open for never know who might show up at the tourney.
Are you and Rich still planning on being in Springfield on Friday?
Hey guys,

Wish I could get down there, but it doesn't sound like there is going to be much BBQ left after Scott gets done with it. :) Hope you guys have a great time and can't wait to hear the stories! I'm sure there will be some whoppers!!

Sorry I can't make it for the rally guys. I would really love to come out and meet everyone and test my salt against you seasoned tourney anglers, but the boat won't be done by then, and I'm in upstate NY. By the time I got there, I would have to turn around and start home. Need to keep all my vaca time for tourneys and guide trips this summer. Maybe next year, or if we can cooridinate something for the Northeast. Everyone forgets that we have bass here too. B.A.S.S. knows though, best smallies in the country. So yeah, I'm starting it here and now. Next year you guys come up here. It's worth the trip. June or late Sept are the best. And Scott could really learn how to "break" things "in" on a 112 mile lake. Just not my boat OK!
Correction to Johns 6:30 launch time... launch will be at 7am... weigh in at 3pm.... Looking forward to meeting you all on saturday.... and to Doug... We're all meeting at The big store at 6ish to figure out a place for dinner. and all go out for dinner... your welcome to join us if you'd like.... Let us know...
Marke, I'm gonna do it the old fashion You'll see a recap in the Grab Bag next week.

For some reason, ESPN won't return any more of my calls. Something about not enough interest.

Their loss.
Geez..... I can see who's gonna be the target this weekend!

Doug - I'm excited enough about this trip as it is! Then you go wavin' Penny's name around...... You trying ta give me a heart attack? Are those "Kids" bribin' you to tell me she stays at the Super 8 so I'd be too tired to fish on Saturday? Heck, I won't be able to get a wink of sleep now...... Could SHE be in the next room? Could that be HER who just pulled in?

Barb - Remember, I'm the little guy....... 5'6" and 140#..... It's the others who will be chowing down! I just gotta be sure that they don't mistake me for an end piece!

Rob - They aren't gonna let me drive the boat........

Chris - 6 PM at the big store for dinner? How late you planning on getting to Warsaw? I got a hot date with Penny at the local Dog 'n Suds........

Marke - Somewhere along the line I'm sure we can find a computer! If not - send me your phone #....... We'll call you so that you can post the proceedings!

Boy, oh Boy!!! This is gonna be FUN!!!!!!!

Scott: No one bribed me to say that (even though I do accept bribes)...I hear a lot of rumors here at Tracker and that just happened to be one of them for this week. A lot of the rumors don't come true, but some never know!
Doug -

That rumbling you feel ain't Todd and California falling off into the Pacific.......

It's my heart goin' Ka-Thumpah, Ka-Thumpah, Ka-Thumpah!