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Rich D

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Apr 30, 2001
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My Father is getting ready to take the annual trip to Canada, without me but with my boat! Anyway, does anyone have any info on Lake Nipissing? They fish the West Arm.


Rich D
Hey Rich, when your dad is done, can I borrow your boat next? LOL He can drop it off to me on his way back down. So let me get this straight. There is a fishing excursion taking place, in YOUR boat, and YOU are not going. Everything alright? LOL Your not sick are you? That's just not right! Well tell your Dad good luck from all of us. You better just hope he doesn't catch some record fish, you'll never hear the end of it...from him or us! Kidding


The normal trip back is down the QEW, through Buffalo, Erie, to Pittsburgh. Where would you like to meet him to pick the boat up? Why don't I just leave my rods and tackle on the boat as well? Nothing is too good for fellow board members! LOL!

I am tellin ya, somethings are just wrong! I normally go on this trip as well, but due to a new job, don't have the vacation time.

Rich D
check out these sites many lake nipissing threads: (canada forum)



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