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Pierre Voisine

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Mar 15, 2000
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Well guys, Sunday I decided to check thing out at Champlain, seeing as many of you seem to want to have the next board tournament there....the things I have to do for you! This is a huge lake with lots of fish, but also potentially very dangerous. Very rough water, and it was'nt even windy yesterday! Did not see Rob or Tom Mac (who were supposed to be fishing toghether yesterday. I can see us having a rally there.....I'll have to go back and scope it some more....I'll report back!

Pieere is right the main part of the lake can be dangerous. the south end, on the other hand is calm. The south bay area just north of Whitehall N.Y. goes into the champlain cannal proceeds north into the main part of the lake. The Cannal is part of the intercoastal waterway. Fishing in the bay and canal is good. The state maintains a double ramp boat launch with large parking area at south bay. Check out the web page for more info to the area.
Enjoy Dave
Those guys are right Champlain is big and can get rough, but all depends on were we launch out of. If its up in the Mallets Bay area can get very rough. Down towards the Ticondaroga area isn't bad at all. Down there you are off the main part of the lake and it offers awesome fishing. If you all decided to go I'll make sure I have the time to go. Interested in meeting all of you.

Rob L

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