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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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I finally got around to putting a manual jack plate on my 700LXDC.

Initially, I raised the motor approximately 5/8" from the original height. Had it out on the lake yesterday for a test. The RPM, acceleration and speed figures were pretty much the same as before; I'm still turning a couple hundred RPM under redline at full throttle and maximum controllable tilt, so I think some additional raising is next.

Several handling improvements were immediately apparent. Previously, at around 3000 RPM, the boat felt like it wanted to fall off plane. Now, it stays on plane smoothly at 3000 RPM. Also, there is much less bow rise on the hole shot...it comes out of the hole much "flatter." And, I used to have to get on the trim switch to tame porpoising in some situations; didn't have to do that at all.

So, the much ballyhooed handling benefits of the jack plate are there, now I have to tweak for a little more speed. I'll post updates. I also took pics of the installation and will post a project when I have final settings.
BB, I've running a Turbo 13.25" x 25p small hub on a Merc 115 two stroke. I'm turning about 5000 RPM with a moderate load (one person, full gas, livewell empty) while doing 61 on the speedo (about 57 real world). I lose about 3 mph with a passenger and a full livewell. The jack plate I just added is a Vance JPL4000, which gives about 5 inches of setback.

Hey Rich,
Where did you get the plate? I'm thinking about putting one on also.
Mike, I purchased the jack plate on Ebay. The manufacturer, Vance, has a web site (I put the link in below). Although not as widely known as some of the other brands, they make OEM jack plates in addition to their own line. They make Skeeter's factory jack plates.
Thanks Rich,

I have a 1998 700 LX, that I'm thinking about putting one on, Have you noticed any problems with the
transom on these boats being able to handled this? Also did you have the plate put on at the shop0
or did you put it on yourself? thanks mike
Mike, I put the plate on myself. I will post the pictures I took as soon as I wrap up the project. No problems noted on the transom. It's pretty thick and very solid. I tried to observe it during testing, couldn't see any problems, but I was driving at the time. I'll be out on the lake again tomorrow with the wife and I will have her drive and watch the motor/plate/transom a bit more intently.

I'll keep you posted.
Thanks Rich, Keep me posted still thinking about putting one one

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