it's official...summer is OVER

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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Well boys and girls, here in Tropical northern NY, the summer has ended, fall, (both weeks of it) was pleasant, but winter is here. Sunday's forcast, SNOW and a high of 46, lows in the 20's! The local Dodge dealership was installing plows all this week on their new 2002's, HINT! SC sounds like a real good idea right about now. If it weren't for bird season, I would leave tomorrow!
Your right Rob Fall is over , had my plow serviced today i'm ready got the tip-ups out just waiting for first ice.
Man I feel for you Northern fisherman. I'm picking my boat up today or tomorrow (just had her tuned up) and the water temp here is just getting into the mid-low 70's, perfect for fall topwater action!

It is going to be cold though this Saturday, might only hit 70! LOL

Having grown up in NJ and Indiana I understand and know what you go through, there's always a passenger seat on my PC 175 waiting down here all winter long!

Thinking of making a better try at the stripers this winter, got to nail me one of those things or get Jeanne Stern to show me how!

The topwater bite never happened here in PA. I don't think Ic aught mroe than 6 bass all year on topwater baits. I have no idea why. A lot of guys in my area near Harrisburg said the same thing.

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