Is this the right prop for my boat

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Rod Kotarski

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Feb 26, 2001
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I have a NX 882 with a 175 merc EFI with a tempest plus 27 3 blade. Would I be better of with a different prop, I am running a para lift hydrolic plate. I have hit 70m.p.h. on gps, at 5100 r.p.m. I still have a little left on the floor, but still trying to deal with the chine walk at this speed. Much better than the first outing though, I would chine walk at 61 g.p.s.
Dropping to a 25" prop will get you out of the hole faster, and give you another 200-400rpm on the top end. But if your looking for speed, I don't think your going gain much over the prop your running right now. 70mph in an 18 footer is moving pretty good!!

Todd C.