Is this price for real???

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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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OK fellow 2001 90 HP Mercury owners, I have a question for you...
Have you priced spark plugs yet? Went down to the local marine dealer to get a spare set. They didn't have any in stock (new model year motor), but they said they would order them. Stopped back in a while back and the plugs were in. WAY IN, the greenbacks that is! The wanted $16 each for them! The gal even showed me the price in their plug catalog. YIKES! They are NGK model BUZHW-2. They have no lower electrode and are thus 'gapless'...
I'm I getting the royal rip job here, or do these plugs really go this much?
Andy Z
OUCH....I have a 2000 Merc. 90 that uses NGK BUHW-2 plugs. They are also a surface gap plug. They are listed in the Cabela's marine catalog on pg 43 for 2.99 ea. Other than $13, I wonder what the difference is between the BUHZW-2 and BUHW-2 plugs?
NGK are that expensive, not sure if they are that expensive though. Rod
Hey Andy,

I have the same motor. I'll call my dealer later and see what I get from him. It may be the same but at least you'll know your not alone. Good thing there's only 3 of


Just changed the plugs on my Optimax...$22 each X 6!
That's the price of owning toys.

Plug difference BUHZW-2 is a Resistor Plug, and the BUHW-2 is a standard plug. that is the difference... there is a place on the web... cant remember the name of the website that has plugs far less expencive then Mercury. When i find it i'll post it... i believe the Opti plug is arround $8 from them...
11.71 for the Optimax plug (PZFR5F-11) from, they also have other plugs and they're usually about 1/2 of what you can get them from Mercury dealers for.

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