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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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The Zercom depth flasher in my dash went and I was wondering if I should replace it with a Digital one or another one of the same style. I was thinking of going with a Lowrance as my two sonar fish finders are Lowrance. Thanks for any feedback.
Buzz -

I don't think I have ever heard of anyone who had a flasher hold up for any length of time...... Is one of your Lowrance units at the helm? If so, if it were me, I'd just chuck the idea of replacing the flasher and use the fish finder instead. If not, I'd get a third Lowrance fish finder.
I've had both units in my dash on different boats...a zercom and a lowrance 1240A......the switch went out on my zercom after a few months and i had to remove the whole unit and send it in...they replced the unit w/no lowrance unit has worked just fine since it was problems. Either one you choose will be a good choice,...but i'd take the Lowrance unit over the zercom, since i've never had a problem with any lowrance unit i've ever owned....they are the best in my opinion!!
Good luck,