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Jeff Duggan

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May 31, 2001
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Anybody use a Humminbird Paramount 3D fishfinder? I thought the 3d imageit produces looks useful. At 484.00 I just wanted to know if anyone knew how well they worked in 3d mode?


I have a Humminbird WIDE 3D Vision/ Very Similar just about 4 years Older.. I liked it a lot, but It had a bit of a Bulky Transom Transducer and I tried to get a Transducer for My Bow Mount Trolling Motor. The Available Transducer would eliminate some Features including the 3D Mode. Keep that in mind if you are considering it for the Bow. Overall I liked the Large Screen and 3D was Decent. I remember a Day when It showed me Walleye Moving on a deep point I was Fishing. I was able to follow the school of fish and Hook Up!! I have since Mounted a new Model Lowrance X49 Up Front. Like it a lot, but really liked the "Quick Release" mount of the Humminbird for security.
I have had one for about 2 years. I used the 3-D on my old but a little, then I got the trolling motor transducer which does not have that capability. I don't really care for the 3D view, I usually just use normal mode. There may be some other uses for the 3D, but I wouldn't get another.

Again, just my opinion. The finder itself is excellent.