How shallow can I go?

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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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My boat (actually still on order) is a Pro Deep-V 16 with a 50h Mercury. I was wondering if anyone knew how shallow of water I could take this boat into (i.e., what is it's draft considering an average load of around 600 lbs or so onboard). I bought it primarily for it's ability to handle deeper, rougher waters but wouldn't mind hitting those shallow coves provided that its possible. Pardon the ignorance here, this is my first boat.
John -

No need to apologize - we all ask the same question! Or, at least I did.......

What I found out is that NOBODY knows! And having had a Nirto for 5 years - I still don't know! I've had the same canoe for 10 years and I couldn't tell you the draft!

Best answer: When ya hear it scrapin' - you've done gone too shallow!

Scott, when you hear scrapin' just means you might get stuck, not that you've gone to shallow.

When you actually get stuck, well, then it was too shallow after all. :)

Well I found out last year how shallow a Pro-Angler can go. We stuck it good!!! Now I know what you can use that boat paddle for. Can we say PUSSSSHHHHH! I think Mac is right, with the motor up, maybe a foot. With the motor down, start getting nervous at two feet because you are about to stop cold. He is also right about the trolling motor, it will catch before the rest of the boat has even touched bottom. Enjoy!

I keep my Humminbird shallow water warning set to 3 feet with motor
down. But I have tilted it up and gone down to 2 feet. ProAngler boat.
My insureance will pay for damage, but I dont think I can get towing
out on the water lol! Better safe then sorry!
I just wanna know how you guys keep your trolling motor in the water at speeds over 50 mph!

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