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Barry Loos

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Jul 2, 2001
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Is it difficult to install a trim gauge and a water pressure gauge on a PT 175 with a 40hp Mercury? The console on a PT 175 is small but it looks like it has the space for the two gauges. Does BPS sell matching gauges? My dealer offered to install the gauges for the same price that I could by a new Lexus. How dangerous is the console drilling? I don't want to destroy the fake wood grain panel or the wiring behind it. I have scaled down from large tourny boats to the PT 175. I am just used to these gauges and that is why I want them. If the job is too difficult I guess I could take a second mortgage on the house and let the dealer do it. I would appreciate constructive input.
Barry, it is not difficult at all. BPS carries a full line of teleflex gauges that should be just fine. As for the wood grain panel, put pro quality masking tape over it before drilling out the hole. Whatever small imperfections are created will be covered by the overlay of the gauges. Water pressure is a cynch. Trim however, I think will be a little more fun, only because you have to install a trim switch sensor on the motor. Not easy on big 150's but a 40 shouldn't be to hard. Really, ask yourself if you need the trim gauge. Mine is shot and I don't need it. You can feel your boat out and see how it is riding. I would opt for a voltage meter, or water temp myself. Or is you don't have one a tach. I'd use that over a trim gauge any day. You can tell how far out you are trimmed by your rpm's. Too high and you'll lose hp too. Hope I helped. Good luck, you can do it. Some dealers are great, others want to put their kid's through college on one sale, usually YOU!
Agree with Rob. When drilling the holes use a quality bi-metal (usually white in color) 2 1/8" hole saw. I have an 882 which has a dash that it is impossible to add anything to, so if I need anything that requires a 2 1/8" hole the first gage to go will be the trim gage. Next in line would probably be the fuel (I can just open the lid and look) and battery (I display batt voltage on my depthfinder). Water pressure, I keep. If I add anything it will probably be temp and visual warning.
I do all my own maintenance because I enjoy working on things. I also have all the right tools.
The dealer is only there for:
1. Warranty work
2. Things I know that I can't do.
3. Things I screw up because I didn't pay attention to #2.

Berry, Forgot to mention, some instruments require a 2 1/16" hole. check before buying hole saw.

I guess old habits die-hard. Heck, I guess I just look at the trim gauge when I am lowering the motor after fishing shallow water, etc. When I'm running I feel the trim through the boat's attitude and the RPM

The water pressure is super easy. Just did one. Put a "Y" in the "pisser" line and run the tube that come with the gauge from one branch up to the back of the gauge. The just add a little juice for the light. Take any excess line out, but leave a little to work with if you need it. Be careful not to tie the tube to tight to anything when you run it up front as it may restrict the pressure and give low readings. Sorry I didn't explain this in the earlier post.

Thanks Sam. I went to the site and copied the information.

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