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Chris Snider

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Apr 10, 2001
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Ok... I was out playing around yesterday and I counted that it took around 7-8 seconds for the boat to "plane off" from a dead stop. Is this good or bad? I have no experience with a boat this size and hp, so I'm just wondering if this is good or average... My boat is a 20' Nitro 2000 DC with a 200hp Merc... This was with a full tank of gas, two adults, and a Merc "High-Five" prop.

I should've included that piece of information... I actually do exactly what you said. I start out with the trim all the way down, then trim up as I get on plane.

That prop was even designed to get on plane faster. This is too long, even with a boat that length and that amount of weight?
How do you have the load in your boat positioned? If you have too much gear in the back and a light load up front, it can kill you hole shot too. Just a thought. A lot of guys never give weight distribution much thought, but it can make a big difference. Just a thought.
Well... I have a couple of tackle boxes, poles, lifejackets, and a small toolbox up front. Then, I have three batteries, a fuel tank, and a medium sized cooler in the rear. I suppose that the rear is quite a bit heavier than the front. Heck, at this point, that's everything I own! I don't have anything else to put up front to even out the weight!

Does everyone pretty much agree that it's taking too long for my boat to get on plane?

Yeah, that is a little too long. I had to put a foil on mine, but with that 200 on there, you should be up quick. Don't know what to tell ya.
The two heaviest items in the back of the boat are: 1) a full livewell, 2) a full fuel tank. I don't know what size livewell and fuel tanks you have, but I'd venture that you have something on the order of 500 lbs. of liquid in the boat when topped off. Are you desribing what the performance is like when those tanks are full?

Also, what kind of RPM are you getting with the throttle wide open? It's possible that you have too much pitch in that prop for a quick, fully loaded take-off.
Sarge -

Don't wait until you're on plane to trim up...... Start with the motor trimmed all the way down and gradually tilt it up as you gradually advance the throttle.

In my 896 w/a 200 on it, I keep plugs in my livewell when not in use to keep from filling them up with extra weight. Makes a HUGE difference!!
Besides, with all the troubles you've had recently it'd be better to run SLOW anyway!!! (harhar)

When you guys say "motor trimmed ALL the way down", you don't really mean ALL THE WAY DOWN, do ya? I mean, I trim her down to where she shows all the way down on the guage, but in reality, she could go more. I didn't think you would want to trim her "in" literally as far as she would go. Is that what you're saying, though? It seems like that would push the nose down TOO much... Maybe I should start with her ALL THE WAY DOWN, then as Scott said, gradually trim up during takeoff? Can someone answer this question?

Being since every other problem I've had is related to a "dumb user", this is most likely the same issue here...
Oh yeah, Rich... This was with a topped off main fuel tank. I have two tanks and the aux one was about 1/4 full. As far as the WOT performance... I only had it wide open the first day I took her out and it scared the crap out of the wife so bad that she said "no more"... That was about the only time my "regular" lake was calm enough to try it out... I didn't watch the RPMs like I should've, so I couldn't really tell you where they were... I know, I know... That was bad of me, but I didn't realize it. I was kinda showing off for the wife, but didn't have any idea what I was doing. Ya know. Kind of a typical guy thing, I guess... Anyway, I do plan to get her to WOT soon and I'll post the RPMs... I think Scott was interested in seeing the performance with this "High Five" prop anyway...



Yes, trim the motor all the way down (as far as it will go) then bring it up gradually as boat rises on plane until the boat "sounds/feels" good. Need to open her up on take off (wot) but you can back off while you trim up as she climbs. You need that thrust to get her up on plane. You'll get used to system very quickly, try it and let us know...

Sarge -

That's exactly what I ment! Trim it so the motor is pointing up, under the boat itself - that pushes the rear end up and out of the water....... Otherwise, you are basically pushing it deeper when you first start out.

Uhh.... Well......... I guess that's my entire problem! See... I knew you guys would help me out! Thanks for all the help (again)... I appreciate it!

Sarge -

I drove by Carlyle this afternoon and the dam was still standing! Guess you must be keeping to the upper end, huh?


Funny Scott! Yep, I've been in the upper end lately... I've made it my goal to take off the top 3' of every submerged tree North of the railroad tracks (with the hull of my boat, of course)... Just trying to make it safe for everyone else... he he.

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