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Gene McCarthy

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May 1, 2001
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Just a thought. Until you get your boat situation straight, I'd be glad to take you and your daughter out if your'e ever in the Tallahassee area. Weekends are good and weekdays great if you give me some notice. You and the girl can return the favor on the St. Johns when your'e up and running! Actually anyone on the board is welcome. Marke and Sgt. Thump please bring rabbit's foot and don't touch anything!(LOL)
Hey, I love kids, love fishing. I'm sure anyone on this board would do the same. I'm only 165 miles away. I've met a lot of class people here. Rich,you've brought good people together on this board.
Trust me Gene, there's no good luck charm around that'll work for me! he he... That was pretty good, though!
Sarge I'm just kiddin' wid ya. You're welcome. I'm sure after a day with me you'd feel lucky enough to win the lottery. As I've said before my boat has never met a stump, log, rock, piling, oyster bar, sand bar, (fill in the blank) it wasn't attracted to. I once dropped my former father in law's boat onto a concrete ramp. He never liked me much anyway. Broke more than a skeg that day. It sure is good hearing about other folks for a change.
Thanks Gene, but Mac said bad things come int 3's. So I'm good for season....lol No lucky charms needed.

Gene, I really do appreciate you offering taking us out. I should be getting the report on my boat within a few days. I have been holding my tongue and not calling them, bothering them. I don't want to upset them right now, as they have my boat working on it. If the report comes back bad, my daughter and I would love to go out with you. Thanks again, and thanks everyone. There are a bunch of really great people who visit this website. Nominal

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