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Bob G.

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May 18, 2000
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I need some advice for the smallies on Lake Champlain. Ever since my daughter caught a 3 pounder a couple of weeks ago, I've been doing terrible. I'm trying to catch a 3 lb 1 oz smallie (or bigger)!! What depths are they usually in at this time of the year and what is a good bait to throw at them? Thanks for any info, Bob G.
Bob, Bob, Bob.......

Don'tcha know........ The women will ALWAYS outfish you! (Right, Rich!) Why do you think people like Roland and Kevin and Jimmy won't let the Penny compete in their tournaments?

Ya gotta be especially careful about the litle ones - they haven't learned yet how harmful it can be to the male ego!


My daughter is 10 y/o and all I hear is "I caught a 3 pound bass! I caught a 3 pound bass!" I informed her that I caught a 4 lb 3 oz largemouth in the spring (her bass was a smallmouth). Her reply was that my bass was in a totally different class. I'm just glad that my kids like to fish with artificials and catch and release. As soon as I figure out how to catch more fish, maybe I'll teach them!!!

Bob G.
I've only been to Champlain once but after studying the topo maos I would suggest you find some rock humps then begin throwing some smoke grubs on 1/8 or 1/4 oz ball heads and probe the depths. Or you may want to C-Rig a lizard or French Fry and cover a lot of water depths to find where they are holding. If you have an overcasst, work the same rocky humps with a Zara Spook.

I know the feeling. Every time I take my wife in the boat, she tears me up. The good thing is, you probably just got your daughter hooked on fishing for life. Jon was right about the grubs. I'm not sure where on Champlain you are, but try rocks/boulders or humps in 12-20 ft. Try 1/4 oz lead with garlic 3" grubs. I use watermelonseed the most. Let it sit right on the bottom for at least 30 seconds to a minute. Also try topwater early in the morning around the islands. I carolina rig 3" Berkley pulse worms in electric grape to and let them sit on the bottom of inlets like the Gut and Carry's Bay. Good luck. Let me know how you do.


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