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Dec 10, 2022
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I'd like to say hi to everyone. After owning 2 used Nitro's (1994 Rick Clunn 115hp & 2010 Z7 200hp), finally bit the bullet and ordered one. Just got our new 2023 Z19! Rigging it up as I type.

Look forward to communicating with you all.
Wow, nice boat, that's my favorite color, congratulations! Are you keeping your old boats?

Welcome to the forum!
Thank you. It was a custom build, took my days to pick out color scheme. I traded in my 2010 and got to keep my gamin TM, 2 garmin 93sv units and my dakota lithium batteries. So they basically got the boat/motor. However, I did trade the Minkota TM(basic model) that came with new boat for them installing a new garmin 106sv in the console and upgrading transducers for me. (Newer then what came with the chartplotter) Pro Choice in Warsaw MO. Was pretty cool to deal with. Oh, and they thru in 8 Nitro hats, lol......

Got the bow units and TM mounted. Rigged up a clamp/ram mount for Panoptix pole.


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That's fantastic! You really picked a nice color. I think the deal is pretty awesome and those are excellent devices/equipment you got there. Is rigging complete?
Yes! Feels good to have it done, bugs me when stuff is incomplete. Waiting on one cable (Garmin has a nice network cable that threads into the unit, helps against weather). I'm more exited now to get it on the water then when I picked it up. LoL

Living in WI it will be a bit......
Hey, that's fantastic. Congrats!
I'm pretty excited for you as well. Enjoy and keep us updated.