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John Foster

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Feb 29, 2000
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I am looking to buy a hand held unit in the near future. Which brand and model do you prefer. Would like to stay under $200.00 if at all possible.



The Garmin GPS 12 hands down (about $140). It's waterproof and for about $10 you can get a floating case.

John -

I was curious about this myself.......

Rich -

In April, you had one that even included a mapping feature which was the ONLY reason we got back to the weigh-in in time. (Not that it mattered!) What is it and do you find this feature to be a real advantage more than just once a year? I assume you have to download maps for every new region you go into - how and what is the cost for this?


The Garmin is a nice unit but I bought the Lowrance Gloabal 100 last December and so far really like the unit. I paid $199 for the unit but to really make it function the way that you want with detail you have to invest in the Map create CD. Total price for the CD was about $80 I believe. Send me an email if you would like additional information.
Ditto on what Mac said. The Global Map 100 has downloadable map enhancement capability with a built in map of the world. If you have an LMS-160, you'll really like it. You can get it ready to go for under $200 at any Bass Pro Shop.
Scott, the GPS that helped us get back that day is the Lowrance GlobalMap 100 everyone has mentioned. I also have the CD with downloadable maps. With all of the accessories (holder, 12v cord, cd), it was well over $300 out the door, but it's a great unit. Units that offer mapping capability are so much more pleasing to use than a plain speed/direction/track GPS. It's well worth the extra $100 to $200 spent, IMO.

To answer your other question, yes, I downloaded an area map of the Truman region before making the trip to MO...that's why we could see ourselves zipping along (at 68mph) in the detailed topology and named locations shown on the unit.

By the way: My hope is to some day link the GlobalMap 100 with the fishing reports feature you see on the web site, for uploading event data for reports.


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