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Mike Paul

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Mar 17, 2001
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Is anybody else having trouble getting anything out of the grab bag, I'm trying to find a post on how to get the livewell divider out of my 700 LX without destroying it,but it seems like there is no posts in the grab bag
Grab bag will be back on line sometime in the next few days. Sorry for the delay.

I have the 700LX as well, and I haven't taken that divider out for fear of breaking it.
Don't worry about removing the divider. Just as long as it's above freezing. I've had mine in and out several times with no problems. Just pull one way or the other on the CENTER.When you put it back in do the same ting, push in the center after locating one end in the recess. Good Luck!

I'll agree with Bruce..... I've done it a number of times as well...... Just take it easy - leave the gorilla suit in the closet - and you won't have any problem!

I have left the Gorilla suit in the closet...ever try tying a Palomar knot in a 4lb. leader with thick, furry gloves on?

The Grab Bag page is officially alive again. Send in your projects!

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