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Mike Waldrop

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Mar 1, 2000
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I have a 2000 135 Opti-Max motor, I was wanting to know from the other guys who have Opti-Max
motors which oil they use and why.
Sorry about that last post. We use The Premium Plus Mercury oil in our 99 opti. It is what the dealer recommended for our Motor. We have about 200 hrs and have not had any problems as of yet. knock on wood! Good fishing to you. Mort
Second that Mort, stay with what's recommended due to warranty issues (Merc Premium Plus). Buy at dealer in bulk and save money!
Yessiree,...we've had the "oil discussion" many times before,...common concensus seems to be "use what the mfgr recommends...same with spark plugs"....why spend 1000's on a motor only to try and save coins on the oil....doesn't make sense!!...Use Merc oil all the time and you'll never have trouble....and buying in bulk is a great idea,...get a few buddies together and go in on a 55gal'll cut the cost in 1/2!! Good luck this year...stay safe!!
I would stay with the TCWIII + oil for your opti until the Optimax oil is proven, I've heard from an inside source at Mercury that they are seeing problems in testing w/ the Optimax oil plugging up filter screens in the oil tank after extended use.... Just what i've heard but it's enough to convince me to recomend the Premium plus to anyone over the Optimax oils.

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