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Keith Budurka

Apr 13, 2001
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I have a Gator Mount on my MotorGuide Trolling Motor and I can never get it to lock in place when I put it in the water.
I had the boat all of last year, but only got out about 12-15 times... This year I;ve been out once. So, I guess it could stil be considered new (and not broken in).
I told my dealer, at the shop, he gets it to lock al the time, in the water however, I can't... He tells me not to let it easy, throw it in.. I do, but I think the water slows it and won't click in.
My dealer grinded it a very little and greased it a little, but it still won't lock consistently.

Anyone else ever have this? Any ideas on what to do? I also don't like "throwing it in", too noisy! Scare all the fish with a big bang and splash.

Thx, Keith