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Sam Elkins

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Aug 18, 2000
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Guys/Gals, I've been thinking about getting a flasher to replace the console mounted HB that came on my PT185. Are there any recommendations from the group? They are supposed to keep track of the depth better when you running on plane right? Have never owned or used one and was thinking of spending that big tax rebate check on one.

I'm like TrepMan, always looking for something to do to the boat.

Don't worry I'm not holding my breath till the check gets here. They'll probably send them out with insufficient postage so that way the checks will come back to them.
Mine busted out of my dash while running across some large waves in a tournament a couple of months ago, so I am needing a new one as well. Are the connections universal so that I can use the existing connections with any brand or are they all different (it wouldbe much easier, especially with the transducer)?? I think mine was a Humminbird with the Tracker name on it (I have a '96 896), but I'm not sure. I am wondering about which one(s) to put in as well.
Hi Sam, I run a Zercom RTS (Real Time Sonar) flasher in the dash of my 170DC. I like the RTS because you read the display as a vertical scale with a horizontal line that moveds up and down with the bottom. I have used the lowrance 1240A and it is a good unit also. IT is the round in dash flasher. Zercom also makes what is called the CID CXlassic in-dash) that also has serface temp on it. When I was in MO for the Rally, Chris had one on his boat. seemed to be pretty nice.

I have include some links for you to check them out..


Lowrance 1240a


Zercom CID


Zercom RTS



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