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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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Well, Folks,....I had a blast yesterday fishin' with Woo!!.....We covered some water though...I'll tell you that!! St.Clair is BIG and we went north, south, east and west!!...The morning was slow,...although he and his buddy Brad, both caught small fish on their first casts!! Then we went south down to the mouth of the river,..caught a few more dinks there,......over into canada and found cloudy water,...not cool. We fished there for a few minutes and I caught a 6-7lb drum that got my attention for a few minutes!! Then we headed back north up into the channels and around the islands that do that whole area. We had a nice lunch at a bar/grill,...went back out and fished another 4 hrs,.....12 hours total...7;30am-7;30pm. The last 2 hours were the best....we caught a 5lb smallie,...several 4's and a couple smaller ones,....not to mention 15-20 walleye thrown in the mix. Woo also caught a decent pike and a white bass........what a fishery!! I asked Woo,..."What's been the biggest change in your life since winning the Classic?",...and he said,.."Getting use to all the travel and not being home much!!...Even my dog bites me now!!"...ahahahahhaha.....What a guy,,...just as down to earth and easy going as can be!! I can't wait to see him again and wish him well up here in August,.....sure wish I could fish for a living!!

Taking my film in today too!! (a 1 hour place too!!)

That's awesome Mac. I can't wait to spend some time with the pros during the FLW. Most I have met, have been super nice, and real humble, with only one exception. Sounds like you had a great time. And to get time with the defending Classic champ, how'd you pull that off?

Being in the right place at the right time Rob!! LOL.....We talked about it this past April when he was at our Outdoor World store for the spring classic. I went with him yesterday, and Mini and Tom, the Gen Mgr. are with him today,...they're fishing the Detroit River and Lake Erie. I told Woo to tell Mini and Tom,..."Ya'll gota do better than 4's and 5's, THEM yesterday!!"....put a little pressure on those boys!! ahahhah..Mini will rule the day though,.....he can sniff a toad outa the sahara!! Hopefully Mini will post tomorrow,....

Tell Woo he has to try Champlain. I think I know just the guy to take him out too. LOL. Who knows, maybe we can get him for the rally. I know Scott will be dissappointed, as he is hoping for Penny.

Very cool Mac! That had to have been awsome. I'm bettin some day you will be fishing for a living, in between drawing those funny pictures that is! Enjoy,

Hey Rob,....I forgot to mention in my first post,...I also asked him...."Where's your favorite place to fish, now that you've been all over the country?".....Without even hesitating he said,..."Lake Champlain in Vermont!......3,4,and 5lb largemouth and smallies,....all day long!!"....I knew you'd want to hear that!!! ahahahha...It was toooo cool fishing with the world the same year he won it,....pinch me!! LOL

Too cool, Mac. You are 'da man, but I ain't gonna pinch ya.

Tom said last night he may not make it but I haven't seen him here yet today so maybe he did.

Of course, I volunteered to take his place, and almost had him talked into it, but obviously he changed his mind aaaaggghhh!!!

Heading to Orion tonite to take one of my corporate people out...hope this front doesn't shut 'em down.
Fish the weed edges deep...drag a worm or a J&P.....this front should only help....especially if it doesn't rain until an hour AFTER you get off the water,...that last 1-2hours of fishing should be awesome!! LOL...good luck and have fun!!...Yeah,. Tom is out today with Woo and Mini,....hope they spank'em!! Seeya!


PS....a deep crankbait might work too....don't be shy with the buzzbait either....especially if the front comes in and it starts to rain, it over the cabbage.
I was thinking I'd start with some worms in the cabbage 10'-12' and have a FatRap ready...then maybe a Baby-1 the last hour or two.

We should find a few...we're gonna head out around 4.

see ya...