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VA Chris

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Aug 22, 2001
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Winchester, Va
Ok guys, I need some advice.I want to purchase a new fish/depthfinder for my old TX17 and mount it on the console. I do not have deep pockets. What product would you recommend in the under 200 dollar range?
Chris, If I had $200 to spend I'd get either the Garmin Fishfinder 160 for $199.99 or the Lowrance X49 for $169 both at BPS. The Garmin comes with a temp gauge. If you could squeeze out some more $'s go with the Lowrance X65 for $269.
On thing you have to take into account about the Eagle. I have the Eagle Classic with temp sensor mounted on the bow and the custom program setup changes you make only last during that "power on" session. When you power off the setting go back to the defaults. At least mine does. I don't think the Lowrance version of the Eagles do that.
STAY AWAY from Humminbirds. I am on my 3rd, and they're JUNK! Never again. Gave them the benefit of the doubt. Benefit was all theirs! I would recommend the Garmin. Tom Mac has one on his bow and the resolution is fantastic!

GO GARMIN! I have 2 240's on my Targa 18. They are spectacular units. I can pick up a pimple on a Bass' nose.
Chris, I would highly recommend the Garmin 160, best all around unit I've ever owned, plus absolutely super customer service. Had the unit for 3 weeks & broke 3 pins off the unit where the cables plug in, totally my fault. Called Garmin they had me send it in. Had it back in 7 days at no charge!!! No thats how to impress your customers.
Chris, I have a Garmin 160 and a Eagle Accura 240 and like them both very much. They both show great detail and don't lose their settings when powered off (previous Eagle models did not retain their manual settings). The Eagle is basically the old X-75 with different back lighting. Can't go wrong with a Lowrance, Eagle or Garmin. Definitely don't buy a Hummingbird.....Al.