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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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I recently purchased a Pro-Team 165 and it came with that 128 DX LCR by Humminbird. The transducer is mounted on the transom but I would like one for the trolling motor and also get a temp transducer. I have e-mailed Humminbird to no avail so I'm going to you out there, the experts. I would like a better transducer with a wider area for the trolling motor. Is this possible, and do I need to remove the transom transducer? What or where would I look for parts to accomplish this? Thanks for your help!
Congratulations on your new boat! I think starting with the Humminbird 200DX & up the product line will get you the temp. Humminbird has a transducer that mounts on the trolling motor. You can have both the front and rear transducers hooked up & running at the same time. Last weekend I added a 200DX to the front of the boat and added the transducer trolling motor mount. Can't say how it works yet, too much snow here to even think about getting the boat out. Got 6" this morning and now it's raining to beat the band.

Congrats on the new boat!! I believe that with the 128, your limited in your choices of transducers. You certainly won't get a t-motor transducer with a wider view than the transom mount. While stepping up to the 200dx will allow you to hook up two transducers, you won't be able to use them both at the same time. As for parts for your 128, look in the latest Bass Pro catalog, they carry a wide variety of accessories for the Humminbirds.

Todd C.
Barb, here's the skinny on your h-bird situation:

I believe the 128 only accepts a signal from the single frequency, narrow beam transducer. To go to a wide side or dual beam wide angle transducer, you would need a new head unit. If you add a second unit with the trolling motor mounted transducer, you do not need to remove the transom unit, but you probably may not be able to use both units at the same time due to signal interference.

Hope that helps.
"....probably may not......" Uh, Rich..... You planning on going into politics!!??!!

Barb, Ive got 2 of the DX200's on my boat. one at console which is the
Tracker ProAngler BY humminbird (same as a DX200) and one up
front which is the DX from Humminbird. Transducers are on stearn/transom and one on trolling motor.
I can run both at the same time with no problem. The DX is a dual beam
which has a 20 degree and a 53 degree beam. You can also get a
switch from Humminbird or Bass Pro to switch from rear and front
transducers. You could keep the 128 and put a 200 up front, not sure if
both will run at the same time though.

My 1/2 cents worth! hehe
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