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rick bode

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Mar 21, 2001
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hi guys i have a problem with my 25hp mercury some time it start up with no problem at all then some times it dose not start the solenold just makes a clicking sound. i check all the wire and they are all tight and i all so clen the batties termal and tightend them up also check all the fuses there all fine. on the wire harnies there are two wires that do not go to a thing as far as i can tell they look like they never been pulg in to any thing and i can not find a place that they would pulg in to i look at the wireing diagram in the mer site and i do not see these to wire in it. thank god we have a pull start on it and it start right up with it each time . any help would i be most thank you for rick
Rick -

Is the starter spinning but just not engaging? If so, try spraying a VERY SMALL amount of WD-40 onto the solenoid. This will free it up so that it will engage the starter.


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