Drilling out Water intake hole ?

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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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Someone on this board told me the too had a 120hs Force and had to have the water intake hole drilled out to make it quit trying to overheat if the idled at the dock for more than a couple minutes.

Well my cousin says we can do this its no big deal says he has did it before. but I figured I would ask if any of you have did it yourselfs or have seen it done and if so how its done any help greatly appreatiated.

Rip some lips...Ron
Don't know why it wouldn't work Ron,....but I'd make sure to talk to a dealer or a good mechanic first!! But your question reminded me of a story i heard a few years ago... a guy in the "down river area" of MI, was known for being able to tweek a few settings in your motor and you'd gain 5-10mph,...he'd do it for $200 cash.
Everyone was taking their boats to him because whatever he was doing was working,...people couldn't believe the difference (Clue,...this was before GPS),.....anyway,...come to find out, all he was doing was drilling out the dia. of the pitot tube where the speedo water pickup is........increased dia.=more water pressure=more speed on the speedo!!...He ran that scam for a few years before he got caught and was pretty much run out of town!!
Just be careful where you drill and how big o'hole you make!!...hahah...good luck!!