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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Did anyone else get their Bassmaster magazine yesterday? With all due respect to Nitros, did anyone catch a glimpse of those "Classic Edition" Tritons or Skeeters. I do have to say, "Very Impressive". I have long wondered though about the ride of a Skeeter. The layout looks awesome, finishing...great, but they look shallow, like you could bust a kidney on a 2 ft wave. Any of you folks ever ride in one? I've heard the rough water ride of a Triton is nice.
PS, the reason I ask is that G3/Skeeter has offered me a partial sponsorship.
Haven't ridden in a Skeeter, but they are a beutful boat. I can always tell when ones coming my way though, just listen for that loud slapping sound of fiberglass meeting water. It seems all the guys in my area run these at full trim a lot. Then you've only got about 2 feet of boat in the water. There ain't much V in the hull of those Skeeters. That has to equel not much of a ride in rough water.