Congrats to our Nitro Man Clun !!

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Bobby Zerbe

Mar 9, 2001
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As many of you may know by now, Ricky Clunn, sporting his Nitro apparrel, won the recent Megabucks tourney. Good job Rick representing the Nitro Team well !
As awesome as he is,...wait'll Kevin VanDam has that many years of experience,.....he'll be even better than Clunn is now, and that's hard to believe, but I'd bank on it!!
With all due respect to VanDam, 4 classic wins is awful hard to beat. Nobody has done it since. I cannot even remember how many times Clunn has qualified. That man really has set a standard in the business. What amazes me most is the composure he has maintained through it all. No shows, no late night interviews to speak of. He is very humble, and though he has nothing left to prove.... he remains a serious competitor. I wish I had just a small piece of the knowledge and experience that Clunn brings to the table. Just my 2 cents.
Don't forget Woo. He made the Classic too (Oh yeah, its because he won last year - not a stellar year for Woo). I think he may have been doing a little bit of basking. Clunn has been truly amazing for years and years, but VanDam continues to be consistent, consistent, consistent. Although Wendlandt is my man, Clunn and VanDam could not do much more to bring credibility to Nitro and their owners!!
Penny would wipe the decks with the guys IF they'd give her a chance to fish against them!