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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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Hi all again!

I've been thinking about putting a circuit breaker in place of the fuse off the battery for the trolling motor. Just a couple of questions....

1. How will this affect my warrantee on the boat?

2. Where do most of you have that circuit breaker mounted?

3. What size circuit breaker do I get? The fuse is a 40.

Thanks again!

You can buy them at any auto parts store also. They are very inexpensive. As Chris said mount it as close to the battery as possible. You can get the manual reset (a button pops out when tripped) or auto resetting. If you use the auto resetting, make sure that you pay attention to terminals as they are marked as to which terminal is connected to the battery and which terminal is connected to the load (trolling motor). Use the same rating as now fused (40A). Don't see how it could affect the warranty unless you used a rating higher than the size wiring in the boat could handle.


I'm sure you could replace the fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel. The only problem may be that the circuit breaker panel will be physically much larger. You would also have to buy all the indivdual sized circuit breakers. My fuse panel has 14 circuits, and I'm using them all (things added).


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