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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey Rich,

I was just in the chat room talking to my self, so I left to check the message board. Then John Foster went in and talked to himself and realized I wasn't there so he left. Then I went back 6 seconds after John left. It was like playing phone tag.

Can you make it so we can see and/or be notified when someone enters the chat? That way we won't have to keep logging in and out and missing each other. Maybe next the "Chat Room" in the left side menu there can be the number of members currently in the room and we could all see it real time.


Rich, When you go to the chat room there is a neat display
which shows members in the chat room. I know everyday when I visit this site I go directly to the message boad and am betting that everyone else does the same thing. Could you possibly put the display for the members in the chat room at the top of the Message Board? That way when we daily check the board we can easily see if anyone is in the chat room while we browse the messages!