Changing infloor seat mounts

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Mar 23, 2000
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Since i have owned my NX882 i have had problems getting my seats to come out of there holes. After fighting to get them out i sanded down the plastic inside to make it easier to remove, which has worked. Now i want to change the style of pole i use from the large plug in to a screw in style. What kind of work will this intail? The current post holes appear to be sandwiched in between the decking material but am not certain. Has anybody done this yet?

Thanks in advance

Eric H.
Eric -

I thought about changing the bases on my 180 because I was having the same problems. Now, I'm not one to shy away from projects like that, but when I took a look at pulling up the carpet and trying to perfectly refit another base, I had to ask myself "Now, what do you think this will really accomplish?"

I stuck with the original bases.

I used a rasp on the bushings inside my base. After about the third honeing, I never had to do it again.