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Steve Johnson

Jun 20, 2001
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Is there a gas additive that you guys use to keep your 2-Cycle engines cleaned out? I have a Merc 115 that has been sitting for a couple of years.


Steve, you can get "engine tuner" right at the dealer. I use it once a year and run an anti carbon additive every other tank full. Definately cannot hurt.

Sea Foam makes a product called Deep Creep, it works wonders to smooth out idle, if your engine has been sitting a couple of years as you stated you will probally have to rebuild the carburators and replace the water pump impellor ( because of dry rot)
If the tank(s) have been sitting for a while, they also will likely have considerable contamination.

If you've got portable tanks, flush them reall well with fresh gasoline.

If you've got a permenant tank, it would help to but an additional fuel filter in-line before the engine to catch any dirt.

Rebuilding the carbs won't do any good if dirt gets in from the tank after you've rebuit them.

What a great response. I did:

- The impeller has been replaced so it should be OK.

- Siphoned around 17 gallons of 2 year old gas from the tank.

- Switched to new plugs

- Will use High Octane Gas with a little Boost in it

- This weekend, I'll locate the Sea Foam and insure it's in the tank

If that doesn't clean it up, I'll take it in for the carburetors rebuilt. I would do it myself, but don't have a clue, or know where to get the parts (unless there's a web site).

Thanks to all who gave expert advise. I'll let you know how it goes.