Can 2000 40hp Merc have Water Gauge??

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Jun 30, 2000
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Now you've gone and done it, all this talk of new boats, bimini tops, new gauges and the rest - My wife is gonna kill me if I mess around with this boat anymore.

But, just say IF I happen to be out on a business trip AND there happens to be a Bass Pro Shops in the area (say Dallas) AND they happen to have a Water Pressure gauge in stock that matches my other stock gauges AND I happen to have my credit card handy...

Anyone know if the 2000 Merc 40hp has the ability to run a water pressure gauge??? Before I go and start calling Mercury or pulling the cowling off (that would tip her off right there) i'd like to know if it's worth investigating.

Also, is a Water Pressure gauge worth installing??? I'm thinking just for piece of mind so I don't have to keep looking back everyonce in a while (when your this skinny you don't want to waste any energy you don't have too :)

I don't know, Treppie....... Have you checked with John Wayne Bobbitt? I understand he once tried to install a water pressure guage on his 40 hp Merc......
TrepMan, My 2000 90hp Merc had a brass plug in the back of the block. Removed it and replaced with fitting from gauge package and routed it to the gauge. Even installed that valve gizmo to drain the water out for winter storage so the gauge won't freeze and bust. Don't know about the 40hp but it wouldn't hurt to look. I don't see why it wouldn't have one.
Hey Trepman,

You should sneak out to the garage around 2am with a flash light and pull the cowling off. Then your wife will never know.....

I went on a business trip to Cinncinatti a few months ago. Even if you don't have credit card handy, definately stop buy BPS. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I only bought a few t-shirts though. Being from NH it kills me to pay sales tax, even at BPS. I almost bought a few rods, but figured I couldn't get them home safely on the plane.

TrepMan, Sure glad I don't live as close to a BPS as you do!!! I'd never get anything else done until I ran out of money.
Sam - there is brass plug just at the top of the block above the 2 spark plugs, could this be the magic connections?? If so, then I think i'm home free, just have to hit the store, take a photo of the gauge and place said photo under my wife's pillow with a postit note that says "buy me for Fathers Day!!".

I'd pick it up myself out of town, but we're being pushed for cost reductions on travel so I may have to rely on my local BPS. Are these gauges pretty standard, so there is only one size fits all on the plug??

This post is about a water pressure gauge for my 40 merc, so I don't have to look back at the pee hole to see if she's working. Checked my Merc manual and it said nothing.

Sam - I check BPS on-line they want 49.00 for the black gauge kit (matches my other gauges) and 39.00 for the white ones. Will have to check out Cabelas this weekend.