Break In Procedure for Oil Injected Motors - Ideas and Suggestions

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Jun 30, 2000
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I know Rich will get this in the Grab Bag quickly but I wanted some feedback, as this was my first new motor. The procedure i've listed below was provided to my by the Atlanta Tracker Marine dealer when I picked up my boat. I've added some comments that made it clearer to a novice.

Jim L, Scot, Mini, Mac and the rest of you experience folks, feel free to comment. I'll do my best to add all of the suggestions into the document and send Rich and updated copy in a few days.

TrepMan - Heading to the neighboor hood pond for a picnic and fishing with the family for Dinner tonite!!

Provide by Atlanta Tracker Marine (to Michael Trepper with the delivery of his 2000 Crappie Pro 175), with additions/changes by Michael Trepper

For the first ten (10) hours of operations an approved 2 cycle oil is to be mixed 50 to 1 with the fuel (1 pint for 6 gallons of gas) in additional to the oil injection system. If you do not run your gas tank (with the 50 to 1 mixture) empty in the first 10 hours, get it as low as you can before refilling the tank. I ran mine down to about 1/8th and then refilled and have not had a problem.

First ten (10) minutes of operation

- Operate the engine at fast idle ONLY. This is a great time to check the workings of all of the live/bait wells and get familiar with the boat while floating.
- Verify water pump operation by looking for a steady stream at the water pump indicator (water squirting out of pee hole).

Remainder of first hour (next 50 minutes)

- Do not operate above half throttle (no more than 3500 rpm's).
- Change engine speed every 15 minutes by at least 200 rpm's.

Second Hour

- Use full throttle to bring boat on plane, then reduce speed to three quarters (3/4) throttle. Be sure boat remains on plane.
- At intervals, apply full throttle for one to two minutes, returning to three quarters (3/4) throttle for a cooling period.
- Change engine speed every 15 minutes by at least 200 rpm's.

Next Eight (8) hours

- Avoid continuous full throttle operation for extended periods of time.
- Change engine speed every 15 minutes by at least 200 rpm's.

This concludes the break-in period. After 20 (hours) of operation, service for break-in period is recommended by the manufacturer (Mercury).

NOTE - ALWAYS VERIFY WATER PUMP IS OPERATING. If the boat/motor does not have a water pressure meter, look for a steady stream at the water pump indicator (water squirting out of pee hole).
OK, Marke...... You take a lesson from "The Trepster" here...... I am NOT old - I am "EXPERIENCED"!

GREAT advice, Mr. Trepper!

Scott - After seeing those pictures with you and the mighty Walleye - Old is not something that comes to mind LOL. Now that next trip to FL dragging that Nitro, you've got to stop by Atlanta, you can't get there on I-75 any other way, and let Rich and I take you fishing!

I can't take even most of the credit that goes to the excellent staff at the North Atlanta Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Marine. Just some good old typing skills.

Just trying to be a good "board" citizen.

Now on the fishing level, took the family to the neighboor hood pond for a picnic and fishing. Noah got one Bluegill and one small Turtle on "real live worms". The fish were on the beds. We could see the males all over the shallows lined up like soldiers and then would not bite that worm at all, but we had a great time and Noah beat old Dad again (I only got one Turtle on a worm under a float)!

Hey Trepman, nice procedure-very well written. You caught a turtle huh? I cought a 2lbs. bull frog on a 7" inch power worm once. I love catching the

Don't worry Scott, I read it very thoroughly. I'm even going to print it out and laminate it to keep on the boat.

Marke..... I ment in referring to my youthfullness! Yes, put the laminated advice in your boat........ But over your computer screen post: "Scott is EXPERIENCED!"


And, by the way, Trepman...... When I take a look at that picture I wonder how I managed to stay standing! I was desperately trying to hold back busting a gut and trying to keep from rolling on the deck and off into the water with laughter at that ferocious, little walleye! Laughter keeps us young at heart!

Still just "me!"
Optimax are different Trepper... they supply the double oil themselves. the 2.5's require 120 minutes of break in and the 3.0L 240 minutes... however... the motors are too dang smart... the break in clock does not count down unless the motor is under a load and running over 2000 rpm....
Trepper, they gave you a much more detailed and different break-in than BPS at Gurnee gave me.It's also different than the Merc book. I was given 6 gallons of gas and told to add a pint of oil. For the first hour very the speed every two minutes and don't stay at full throttle for more than two minutes at a time. After the first hour go as you please but finish off the rest of the oiled gas before adding new. Once you have used up the oiled gas, add regular gas and have at it. I have read that you should get the lower unit oil changed after break-in to get rid of the metal shavings. My motor is a 60hp, don't know if that makes any difference. My last motor had the same type of break-in procedure. Your break-in period is a lot longer than what I was told. I guess it is one of those things that makes ya go hmmmm.


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