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Lee Morrison

Jul 30, 2000
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Hi ya'll. I am in need of some advice on boat insurance, like,how much should I be spending for good good coverage with a good company. I have a nx882 with a 135hp. any advice will be greatly appreciated.
see ya on the water.
Sorry. I don't know how I came up with "aluminum issue" Then I hit the submit key twice, no wonder I don't post that often. I realy ain't been smokin nuttin funny.
Lee M.

I would recommend calling the company that handles your auto/homeowners/renters insurance. Most major companies handle boat insurance as well. We called our agent, told him the type of boat, faxed the specs, and am fully covered for about 120.00 a year. You probably get a discount if all your policies are through the same company.

Rich D
Be careful using an auto insurance company for your boat. Auto ins. is exactly what you'll get. Most won't cover the boat during tournies, and most won't cover any of your tackle if it's stolen. I'm in the process of changing mine from State Farm to Boater's Insurance Agency. I'm getting better basic coverage, and they'll cover all my tackle, electronics, etc. up to $2500. This is an "agreed value" policy, meaning that if my boat is totalled in an accident, they'll pay me the full purchase price I paid for the boat. It's not devalued due to depreciation. All this for $30 a year more than I was paying. Another company that is highly recomended is 1-800-BASSBOAT.

Good Luck!!
Todd C.
I use State Farm, not worried about sayin thier name. My coverage will
cover boat, motor, 100%, on or off water, tackle too. I was also told
if my motor hits anything, its covered. We trust our agent besides.


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