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gone bye bye

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Mar 20, 2000
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Yes ESPN bought BASS, but with our Spring Classic this past weekend the rumor was flying around the manufacturer reps that BASS has now waived the entry fee for the Top150 crcuit and DOUBLED the payout. This will bring BASS leaps and bounds ahead of the FLW as the "premier" circuit to fish.

Ill bet Irwin is upset he spent so much time in the OMC dealings to see this coming....

I really can't see how they intend to waive the entry fee. Every local with a boat will register for the top 150's and where will the bulk of the payout come from?
Rob, have to "qualify" for the top 150's through point standings from the invitationals and/or by winning an invitational. Nobody can just "enter" a Top 150......all the locals can do is put in for a "rider's spot" which is also a random draw and even then the Pro's will rarely if ever ask for a "rider's help".,....but as far as entering a Top 150, can't be done by anybody,...they have to qualify for that circuit first. Payout money will come from advertisers revenue for advertising on ESPN....this will be HUGE for the sport...I think it's a great marketing move for BASS....and bass fishing in general....hope so anyway,...can't think of any reasons why it won't help!!
OK Mac.
I wasn't sure what circuit was by qualification. I remeber now, you can fish divisionals, and then qualify in those divisional to fish 150's. It's going to be interesting at the least. Now with the FLW and BASS paying out so big, I really think it's time to get serious. More importantly, the public eye will be on ALL bass anglers, so we need to be perfect examples. Afterall, perception IS reality.
You got it Rob!!,......A person in the PR business once told me,..."Image is Everything!" are SO right!!

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