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Mike Waldrop

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Mar 1, 2000
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Well I have seen all the post about Tracker service and I was thinking how good I had it that my dealer and boat was in good shape. Until today that was what I was thinking but it happen to me too.. I purchased a 2000 boat (NX882) the boat was a left over from last year and never was in the water. So the full warranty remained. Me and my wife went to look at the boat before we purchased it and she noticed that one of the fenders was a shade lighter than the trailer frame. I pointed it out to the sales person, who is also the owner of the dealership and he said it must have been sent to them that way and upon further inspection they found that the other fender had paint speckles (spelling?) in the paint so before I purchased I asked if we could get the fenders replace and was told yes, they would fall under warranty work and could be order and to check back in a month.(purchased the boat on 5/31/01) I call in a month and they had not order the fenders. So thinking it was a mix-up I left thinking it will be right this time. Well, I call today to check and was told they still have not order them and they were waiting to hear back from Tracker so they could make sure the get the right color. Well its been 7 weeks and still they have not been order. I know companys have there problems but I did think it would happen to me and my dealer. I always thought I had a good, no great dealer. Sorry for beening so long I just had to let it out. Thanks guys for listen to me.
Geez....... Thre are SO many easy solutions to this...... Wonder why your dealer just didn't pick any one of them..................


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