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Feb 29, 2000
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its been a bad morning here.i went out to the boat this morning,and well,i had some low life scumbag dirtball pri** steal things out of my boat.i am missing 2 walker electric downriggers with swivel bases,a eagle ultra 2 finder,my crankbait/stickbait/spoon box full of salmon gear,and my prized posession,my soft side box loaded with spinners,spoons,power worms,jigheads,hooks,sinkers,all my walleye rigging stuff,blades,clevices,beads,walleye floats,walleye spins,all my stainless tools,hook removers,hemostats,and my snapweights also.but they left my 6 poles in the boat,my gps,marine radio,my 2 cannon manual downriggers,and my magna2 finder on the bow.thank god they didnt take my trollers bible!

luckily i had all my salmon poles in the house,4 daiwa 47lc's on heartland 9' rods,and my slasher/j plug box.

any lowlife who would do this to me needs to be taught a lesson in life,like cutting there manhood off with a dull,rusty razor blade while stone sober.after it is cut off,a good dose of iodine,or mecuricrome dumped on it.then it might just scratch the surface on how i feel right now.

yes i have insurance on the boat,full coverage including tackle and downriggers.but that doesnt even touch the time it took me to gather all the stuff over the years,my favorite lures,all gone.

anybody want to take me least i have a pole to use!all i need is aslider jig head and a 4" power worm in junebug.

im being nice in my description.if i could post what i actually said when i found it,rich would definitely delete the post.or edit out the xxx words.

why?drugs?sick demented people?answer me this?please?
Magna, sorry to hear it. I had the same thing happen this spring. Insurance covered a lot of it, but it was still painful to have to start over on the gear.

I now only leave a couple of inexpensive rods/reels on the boat. Everything else comes inside. And that's the greatest insult...that I have to labor every time I want to go fishing, transporting all that gear, because others are thieves.

There have always been people who act dishonestly. It is a sad part of human nature. Try not to let it eat you up. Go out and say or do something nice for someone else today, and be reminded how lucky you are to not be like the guy who took your things.


There's always room in my boat for you and I'll bring along anything you need! Sorry to hear about some low life stealing your gear, that just plain sucks!
tim,thanks.i just moved the boat over to under my window,and put padlocks on everything that can be.

i might as well winterize it,since it will probally take while to get things straightened out on the insurance part of it.i was down getting prices on things today,wowo what a kick in the head.all the stuff i had i didint pay that for it.the digging throught the bargain bins for the rapalas,and the blue fox spinners and such,compaired to the regular price is shocking!!

they even stole my stainless pair of pliers,you know the fold up pair with the tools in the handle.they left the holder with the bits in it.

Magna -

Sorry to hear about your loss, Jeff.......

Although I've never had any of my fishing stuff stolen...... Just about this time last year, when I was out on a job interview, some of those same low life #@&#$'s broke into my apartment and stole all my stereo equipment, 32" tv, some cash and, to add insult to injury, 20 - 33 cent stamps.......... Now, any of you who know me know that "my music" is VERY important to me. It's my peace and solitude and serenity......... And, no, I didn't have insurance. Life had been so rough the past 3 or 4 years that I had to cut back on any way I could..........

Now, for what it's worth, although I always hate to part with any of my "stuff" for any reason - I always know that, if it's really important to me, I'll eventually replace it with "better stuff".........

That's what happened in this case......... Several friends suggested that I drop in at some pawn shops and see if I saw anything that belonged to me. I didn't want to take the time and just be disappointed....... But, about a month later, I had to pull over to the side of the road to let an ambulance by........ There was a pawn shop right there so I got out and went in.........

To make a long story short, I ended up buying some very top-of-the-line Onkyo and Bose equipment for next to nothing! Seems that there was no market in this neighborhood for stereos that had the tuner seperate from the amplifier and speakers without BIG woofers - but, to someone like me, who listens almost exclusively to classical music....... Well, I was in heaven!

The emotional effect are long lasting. Here I am, a year later, and the first thing I do when I open the door to my apartment, is check to see if "my music" is still there.......

Don't woory, Jeff........ You'll replace it with BIGGER 'N BETTER!


P.S. Thank God, the theives didn't take any of my collection of about 250 CD's........ They pulled out one handfull, saw they were classical and left them on the floor...... Guess the low lives decided that there wasn't any market for "my kind of music"!
Sorry to hear that Magna, I had my house broke into on Labor day and the jerk stole my boy's Christmas and b-day money. Some other things too. Now I just leave my german indoors when were not home. They did arrest the guy, so I hope they find the person that took your gear. You will have to call the police back repeatedly, as THEY did not call me when the arrest was made, I found out throught the grapevine. Good luck!
Sorry to hear about that Jeff.

Man I know how you feel. You work hard for your money just to have some stuff that makes you happy and some A hole Just Takes it...REALLY BURNS ME UP!!!

I'll hold the SOB down for you if you catch him..

take care


what sucks is there were lures in the box i use and they dont sell anymore.the berkley power rattles,the ones that look like a crankbait with 2 diffrent power bait tails,had 2 of each color,and i had 6 colors in 1/8 oz,i had 4 of the 1/4 oz ones too.all the power worms i use,well,the colors i use are not being produced im slightly screwed there.a lot of the stuff i can replace,butthe stuff i cant was the stuff i used to catch a lot of fish on.

now to sit down and think of what was in the box,and to put it to paper,and price to see what i had invested.the riggers are over $400 each.

i pulled out silent death yesterday,put the release on it,pulled it back and boy would it feel real toput a practice tip into someones,well,you kind of guess where!!


I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I to will extent to you a fishing trip you would not need to bring anything.

I know first hand how you feel. Back in 1986 I had my Johnson 48 Special stolen off of the bass rig I had at that time. The articles you had stolen is worse. I know the time and enjoyment that goes into buying, using, and building confidence with the lures.

I was so pissed off I saw red for days when that happened. I told the state cop who wrote the report that I would shoot to kill the next person I found stealing something in my yard and when I called them they didn't have to rush because the next intruder would be shot dead. The state cop told me that if it were to happen make sure he was dead. I still get pissed off when I think about it.

Things will work out for you in time. Hang in there. Take all the time you need during the winter to get your stuff right.

Best regards, Spanky.
The first thing I did when I bought my boat used was add locks to all My Hatch Compartments. I also replaced the RodLocker Lock so they were all keyed alike.. I went to a local MENARDS Home Improvement store and matched up 5 Locks with the same key code. Cost about 5 Bucks each.. easy to install with basic tools. Once locked You would have to pry or crowbar the compartments to get in.
thanks,maybe ill take you up on it.i had my favorites,the power rattles in chrome/blue.and chartruse,and firetiger.they worked for me to find the fish.

ive been looking through more catalogs in the past 2 days than i never want to see again.also at least 10 websites.glas i have 2 computers side by side,use 1 to look at the net catalog,and the other on lotus to put everything on paper.

so far,ive got over 2900 in stuff missing.that is very conservative,i probally missed a lot of stuff that i had that i didnt use.

been looking in the local swap paper for fishing stuff.the newest one comes out tomorrow.gone to flea markets,swap meets and looked also,nothing.guess the scum needed the tackle to use,and some to sell.

now comes the insurance paperwork,filed the claim monday,got a call today,sending out the forms in the next few days.fill them out and wait.hopefully before december to get the money.

watching tlc on tv.a story on the trade center is on now while watching it,my problems are trivial compared to the people in nyc.
I know how you feel. The week of July 4th I had all my reels and rods stolen from the locked compartment on my boat. Luckily, they didn't damage the boat. They just turned the lock housing and opened the door. It was an awful feeling to come down to the dock early in the morning all ready to go fish and discover your rods and reels had been stolen. It really makes a person mad! And like Rich, the worse part is that now I have to carry my equipment to and from the boat each time. Whereas before, I could just leave stuff on the boat ready to go. Anyway, I guess we all learn things the hard way sometimes. I hope they needed more than I did but it most likely got sold at a flea market or to a pawn shop. Best of luck to you, Gary